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Storefront crashes occur more than 100 times per day. Zuma's Crash Rated Security Bollards can help.

According to the Storefront Safety Council*:

  • Storefront crashes occur more than 100 times per day

  • 46% of all storefront crashes result in an injury

  • 8% of all storefront crashes result in a fatality

  • Each year in the US, as many as 16,000 people are injured and as many as 2600 are killed in vehicle-into-building crashes.

While these incidents are often caused by operator error, the extent of the damage caused to the building as well as injuries can be greatly mitigated with properly installed bollards.

These tragic incidents can include:

Store front car crash

  • Crash and Grabs

  • Drunk Driving

  • Terrorism

  • Loss of Vehicle Control

*For more stats on storefront safety, visit Storefront Safety Council.


Crash rated security bollards

Our Crash Rated Bollards are designed to provide robust protection against vehicular threats, offering a proactive solution to safeguard your property and the people within.


Engineered to withstand high-velocity impacts and made with the highest quality materials, our bollards ensure long-lasting performance even in challenging environments.

Zuma’s Crash Rated Security Bollards can be installed as a single fixed bollard or in an array of multiple bollards. Crash rated fixed bollards are available as a core drilled option for a simple cost-effective installation.

Why put innocent lives at risk? Contact Zuma Bollards today for more info on our Crash Rated Bollards.


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