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Crash Rated Security Bollards

Zuma’s crash rated bollards are engineered to provide the highest level of security and peace of mind when protecting properties, people, and public spaces.


Crash rated bollards have been tested and certified in compliance with ASTM F3016 and ASTM F2656 standards to earn S10, S20, and S30 designations.

Crash Rated Security Bollards
Crash rated security bollard carbon steel

Choose your desired crash rated bollard

Zuma’s crash rated security bollards can be installed as a single fixed bollard or in an array of multiple bollards. Crash rated fixed bollards are available as a core drilled option for a simple cost-effective installation. 


Common applications:

Airports, stadiums, storefronts with head-in parking

View more bollard options: 

Safety Bollards

Removable safety bollard

LED Illuminated Bollards

LED illuminated bollard

Bollard Covers

LED illuminum bollard cover
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