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Bollard Applications

Safety and security bollards are effective in protecting pedestrians and property in a variety of locations. Each application and location presents its own criteria for creating a safe environment.

This educational resource serves to provide an overview of Zuma Bollard’s product offering and educate users on which particular bollards are recommended for specific applications.

Bollard Basics

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Types of Public Spaces

  • Airports are complex and highly active environments containing a nonstop flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This presents a variety of safety and security concerns ranging from traffic control to the elevated risk of terrorist attacks.

  • Fixed Bollards are commonly installed along the perimeter of the exterior of airline terminals, creating a clear delineation between vehicle and pedestrian thoroughfares. Bollards are particularly effective in these applications because they allow large numbers of pedestrians, often times traveling with luggage, to move through the space unrestricted. 

  • Airports employ some of the most stringent security measures among all public spaces. For this reason, fixed and removable high-security crash rated bollards are often installed to protect against the risk of terrorist attacks and intentional vehicle-ramming attacks. 

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