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How to Choose a Bollard

All bollards are designed to act as visual deterrents for pedestrian areas or other types of locations that need protection from vehicles. Choosing the right bollard depends on what is being safeguarded.


There is a difference between a bollard that provides lighting on a dark pathway versus one that is designed to prevent intentional or accidental damage to people or property.

The two main categories that differentiate bollards are safety and security

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Bollard Basics

Safety Bollards


A safety bollard’s primary function is to serve as a visual deterrent. They provide protection by making those around aware of restricted access, proximity to vehicle traffic, or other hazards. 

Carbon Steel Safety Bollards with Yellow Powder Coat Finish

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A safety bollard can range from simple surface mounted small diameter pipe painted bright yellow, to intricate designs meant to enhance the visual aesthetic of a public space. 

Aluminum LED Illuminated Safety Bollard - Tacoma Model

Stainless Steel


Carbon Steel

Choosing the right material will be based on the location where the bollards will be installed. Stainless steel and aluminum are suitable for highly corrosive environments. Carbon steel can be primed and powder coated to match aesthetics while still providing protection against rust or corrosion. 


Aluminum LED Illuminated Safety Bollard - Revolve Model

Safety Bollard Examples and Applications: 

  • Surface mounted bollards for warehousing or parking garages

  • Removable bollards for access control at parks, beaches or bike paths 

  • LED illuminated bollards for high-end retail or residential areas 

  • Polished stainless steel bollards placed in front of museums, concert halls and libraries

Learn About Safety Bollards
Learn About Security Bollards

Security Bollards


Security bollards offer a  level of impact resistance based on their design and construction. This entails engineering a product and foundation that will meet the requirements of an ASTM crash test. 

Stainless Steel Crash Rated Security Bollards


Stainless Steel Crash Rated Security Bollards with Slanted Cap

Security Bollard Examples and Applications: 

  • Large diameter deep mounted bollards in front of critical infrastructure 

  • F3016 S10 bollards for storefronts and retail locations

  • F3016 S20 bollards for open air shopping centers with adjacent vehicle traffic 

  • F3016 S30 bollards for outdoor dining, crowded areas, and academic/corporate campuses


Carbon Steel Crash Rated Security Bollards

High-Security Examples and Applications: 

  • Federal buildings, army bases, embassies

  • Hostile vehicle mitigation

  • To prevent ramming attacks such as crash and grabs or acts of terrorism 

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