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Case Study: Protecting a Private School in Southern California

In this case study, Zuma breaks down how five of their crash-rated security bollards and five of their Zermatt LED Illuminated Stainless Steel Covers provided a security solution for a Southern California based private school.

Zuma Bollards Crash Rated Bollards with the Zermatt LED illuminated covers protecting the entrance of a private school.

Client Background

A private school in Southern California sought to enhance security measures around their campus, particularly in high-traffic areas. The school reached out to Zuma Bollards in June 2023 after discovering them through a Google search. The school was impressed by Zuma's local presence and responsiveness.

Zuma Bollards Crash Rated Bollards with the Zermatt LED illuminated covers protecting the entrance of a private school.

The Chief of Security and Operations Manager met Zuma at the site and assessed the areas of risk. Zuma gave their recommendation for protecting two separate locations based on vehicle access, frequency of concurrent vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and greatest potential damage to life and property.


Zuma's Challenge

The school chose to secure one of the zones that Zuma identified due to its high traffic flow—a main roundabout used for student pick-ups and drop-offs. This area posed significant risks for both accidental and intentional vehicle incursions.


The challenge was heightened by a limited budget provided through a security-specific private grant.

The Approach

Security Recommendation

Crash Rated Security Bollard presenting crash rated core

Based on the assessment, Zuma recommended installing five F3016 rated bollards with an S20 rating.


These bollards were strategically spaced to prevent vehicles from maneuvering between them while maintaining clear space for ADA compliance. 

Zuma spaced the bollards strategically to prevent a vehicle from “threading the needle” (passing between the bollards) while still maintaining a “keep clear” space between the bollards that allows for ADA compliance and access. 


Each bollard is able to withstand an impact on its own, but keeping them close enough to stop a car from driving in between is a key objective when deciding bollard placement.

Bollard Cover and Design

The school desired to maintain a prestigious appearance similar to the school's reputation. The bollard needed to be slick yet sophisticated.


Zuma provided multiple design options for the bollards. The school selected the Stainless Steel Zermatt cover, featuring warm LED lighting (2700K) and laser cut accents to enhance aesthetic appeal and visibility.


Zuma's ability to design and manufacture both security bollards and decorative LED illuminated covers is what sets them apart from other bollard manufacturers. Typically, bollard companies focus solely on producing the security core, which is then installed into the ground to provide the necessary impact resistance.


However, Zuma's approach goes beyond the standard industry practice by also designing and fabricating aesthetically pleasing covers, such as the Zermatt LED Illuminated Stainless Steel Covers.

This dual expertise not only ensures that the bollards provide the required security measures but also enhances the visual appeal of the installation site.


The integration of lighting and stainless steel finishes with the security features of the bollards creates a blend of functionality and design, which is particularly beneficial for locations where both security and appearance are paramount, such as schools, corporate campuses, and public spaces.

By handling both the manufacturing and installation processes, Zuma ensures a seamless, high-quality outcome that meets stringent safety standards while also complementing the surrounding environment.

Light = Security

The light from the Zermatt LED illuminated stainless steel covers is a key aspect of providing security to the location.


Firstly, the lighting provides clear guidance for pedestrians, ensuring they are aware of the school's entrance and can navigate safely around the area. This is especially important in reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of students, staff, and visitors.

Secondly, the illuminated covers act as a visual deterrent for drivers. The bright lights make it immediately clear where the school's boundaries lie, effectively preventing vehicles from accidentally or intentionally entering restricted or pedestrian-heavy zones.  

Moreover, the strategic placement of these LED lights along the bollards ensures that the entire perimeter is well-lit, leaving no dark spots where security risks could arise. The constant illumination not only prevents car accidents but also deters criminal activities by eliminating shadows and hiding places that could otherwise be exploited.


In essence, the Zermatt LED illuminated covers add an extra layer of security by combining functional lighting with the robust physical presence of the bollards. This integrated approach to security ensures that the school remains a safe and secure environment, both day and night.

Installation and Custom Adjustments

Zuma worked closely with the contractor to ensure the installation was compliant with requirements for certification. During installation, challenges arose due to the sloping terrain, which prevented the LED covers from being flush mounted.


Zuma promptly modified the covers to align perfectly with the site's specific conditions, ensuring a seamless finish within a week of identifying the issue.

Feedback and Outcome

The school was extremely pleased with the final outcome of the collaboration. They emphasized Zuma's meticulous attention to detail and exceptional customer service. The bollards successfully fulfilled their security needs while also enhancing the campus's visual appeal, achieving Zuma's initial goal.

Key Takeaways

  1. Agility and Responsiveness: Zuma's quick response from initial inquiry to final installation was crucial in meeting the school's needs. This efficiency ensured minimal disruption to the school’s daily operations and expedited project completion.  

  2. Onsite Evaluation and Risk Assessment: Zuma's expert knowledge ensured the school's confidence in executing their vision. By conducting thorough evaluations and risk assessments, Zuma identified potential challenges early and devised effective strategies to overcome them.  

  3. Aesthetic Integration: The selected bollard design complements the school's sophisticated look, seamlessly blending with the modern aesthetic and enhancing the contemporary architecture. This careful integration helped maintain the school's visual harmony while enhancing its security.  

  4. Custom Design and Problem Solving: Modifying the installation for a seamless appearance was essential to both Zuma and the client. Zuma's ability to customize and adapt solutions ensured that the final product met all functional and aesthetic requirements.  

  5. Post-Installation Support: Zuma's ongoing support and prompt problem resolution underscore their commitment to client satisfaction. Zuma continues to provide assistance and address any issues swiftly, reinforcing their dedication to long-term client relationships.

Zuma successfully addressed the security challenges faced by the school, reinforcing safety without compromising on aesthetics.


This project stands as a testament to their ability to provide customized, effective, and visually appealing security solutions for educational institutions and other high-traffic areas.


Contact Zuma to discover how they can elevate both the safety and appearance of your space.


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