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Protect EV Chargers with Crash Rated Bollards

Updated: Feb 29

Rivian crash into EV charger

The urban landscape is evolving, and with the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), the need to safeguard charging stations has become paramount.

Zuma’s crash-rated bollards are designed to protect not just the EV charging infrastructure but also the people who use them.

EV charging stations represent a significant investment in infrastructure designed to last many years as an increasing amount of people adopt electric vehicles.

Crash-rated bollards protect these assets from accidental or intentional vehicle impacts, ensuring that the charging stations remain operational and avoid downtime due to damage.

Understanding the Need for Crash-Rated Bollards

Bollards protecting EV charger

Charging stations are often located in parking lots, near sidewalks, or in close proximity to buildings where pedestrians and vehicles are frequently present.


Our S10 and S20 crash-rated bollards are engineered to stop vehicles up to 5,000lbs at 10 and 20 MPH, providing protection against accidents or intentional ramming.

Why ASTM Crash Rated Bollards?

The ASTM standards are a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of security products. By choosing bollards that adhere to these designations, you are selecting a product designed to withstand high-impact collisions.

An impact on an EV charging station can result in electrical hazards, including the risk of fire, electrical shock, or even a battery thermal event in the case of charging vehicles.

The Cost of Safety: A Wise Investment

The investment in crash-rated bollards may seem substantial in comparison to low-quality alternatives, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs.

Vehicle collisions, whether accidental or intentional, can cause extensive damage and operational disruptions. Proactively implementing safety measures is far more cost-effective than addressing the aftermath of an incident.

Visit our website, or contact our team of experts to learn more and discuss protecting you EV Charging Stations.


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