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What's A Bollard?! A Crash Course

Updated: Feb 8, 2023



A bollard is a sturdy vertical post used to control or direct vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or as a barrier to prevent accidental collisions.

Bollards can also be used to secure areas, such as parking lots, or to mark the edge of sidewalks or pedestrian areas.

They are commonly made of stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum and can be fixed or removable.

A graphic design featuring a fixed bollard with the text "What's a Bollard!? A crash course." The design showcases a cylindrical bollard with a glossy finish. The bold text "What's a Bollard!? A crash course" is prominently displayed, inviting viewers to learn more about the purpose and benefits of bollards. The design highlights the role of bollards as a protective barrier against vehicle collisions and the importance of bollards in creating a safe and secure environment for pedestrians and vehicles.

Lesson 01


There is a difference between a bollard that provides lighting on a dark pathway versus one that is designed to prevent intentional or accidental damage to people or property.

1. Safety Bollards

A safety bollard’s primary function is to serve as a visual deterrent as well as a physical barrier. They provide protection by making those around aware of restricted access, proximity to vehicle traffic, or other hazards.

A set of LED illuminated bollards with a revolving shape at a medical and corporate campus. The bollards have a unique, circular design that adds a modern touch to the campus. They are equipped with LED lights that provide a bright and attractive lighting solution, enhancing the safety and aesthetic appeal of the campus at night. The LED lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for the campus. The bollards are installed along sidewalks and near building entrances, serving as a protective barrier against vehicle collisions while also adding a decorative touch to the campus.

2. Security Bollards Security bollards offer a level of impact resistance based on their design and construction. This entails engineering a product and foundation that will meet the requirements of an ASTM crash test.

A crash rated stainless steel bollard located at the LAX airport. The bollard has a cylindrical shape and is made of shining stainless steel, giving it a sleek and modern appearance. It is designed to withstand high-impact collisions from vehicles, ensuring the safety and security of both passengers and aircraft. The bollard is placed along the perimeter of the airport and is highly visible, serving as a clear visual barrier and warning to vehicles.



Bollards can be made from a variety of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. Stainless steel (as seen here) and aluminum are suitable for highly corrosive environments. Carbon steel can be primed and powder coated to match aesthetics while still providing protection against rust or corrosion.

A stainless steel bollard cover that is mounted on a baseplate. The cover has a cylindrical shape and is made of shining stainless steel, giving it a sleek and modern appearance. The baseplate is securely attached to the ground, providing a stable foundation for the bollard cover. The bollard cover fits snugly over an existing bollard, providing a decorative and protective barrier for pedestrians and vehicles.



A 3D rendering of a yellow internal locking bollard. The bollard has a cylindrical shape and is made of metal. The lock mechanism is visible on its side, near the top of the bollard. The bollard is shown in a raised position and the lock mechanism is engaged, securing the bollard in place. The bright yellow color makes the bollard stand out, providing a clear visual barrier and warning to vehicles.


Zuma’s removable bollards are installed where quick vehicle access is required. These bollards are locked into place using a standard padlock or use an internal cam locking system.

A yellow cylindrical bollard that is embedded into the ground. The bollard is made of metal and has a glossy finish that reflects the surrounding environment. The bollard is firmly anchored into the ground, providing a permanent and secure barrier for pedestrians and vehicles. The bright yellow color makes the bollard highly visible and serves as an effective deterrent against vehicle collisions.


Zuma’s fixed security bollards are installed to restrict unwanted vehicle access. Zuma’s baseplate surface mounted stainless steel bollards are used where deep-mounted fixed bollards or removable bollards can not be installed due to below-grade conditions.


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