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Introducing our latest design, The Stealth Bollard.

We designed this bollard with the goal of making a sleek product line that blends into the environment while remaining aesthetically pleasing. This bollard is built to meet the diverse needs of architects, planners, and developers alike.

The Stealth Bollard can be ordered as a standalone LED illuminated safety bollard or as a cover that fits over a crash rated security core.


  • The Stealth Bollard can be customized to meet any design criteria, ensuring that it integrates seamlessly into your architectural vision.

  • Fabricated from a combination of extruded, cast, and formed aluminum alloys.

  • With pedestrian safety at its core, the Stealth Bollard illuminates walkways to provide a secure, well-lit space for all.

  • Our high-efficacy LED technology ensures you benefit from cost-saving energy efficiency without compromising on illumination quality.

  • The Stealth bollards offers an array of LED specifications designed to provide a solution for all project requirements.


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