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World-class American manufacturer
of safety and security bollards

Zuma Bollards offers a wide range of bollards specifically designed to meet the needs of property owners, architects, and engineers looking for reliable solutions to create safe and secure environments.

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Crash Rated Security Bollards

Zuma’s crash rated bollards are engineered to provide the highest level of security and peace of mind when protecting properties, people, and public spaces. Crash rated bollards have been tested and certified in compliance with ASTM F3016 and ASTM F2656 standards.


Common applications:



Storefronts with head-in parking

S10 Carbon Steel


S20 Carbon Steel

S20 Carbon Steel Crash Rated Security Bollard

What We Offer

Safety Bollards

Zuma’s safety bollards are designed to serve as a visual deterrent. Safety bollards provide protection by restricting vehicle access while allowing for pedestrian flow. Safety bollards are offered in a variety of diameters, mounting styles, and finish options.


Common applications:

Outdoor recreational areas

Parking garages

Retail locations

Baseplate Carbon Steel

Baseplate Carbon Steel Safety Bollard

Removable Stainless Steel

Removable padlock stainless steel safety bollard

Custom Solutions

Zuma offers the unique ability

to manufacture any type of bollard

or bollard cover exactly to 

your desired design and style. 

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LED Illuminated Bollards

Zuma’s LED Illuminated Bollards are designed to enhance both the safety and aesthetic of outdoor spaces. Illuminated bollards can be configured with a variety of options to meet any design style and lighting requirements. 


Common applications: 

University & business campuses

Healthcare facilities

High-end shopping centers. 


Aluminum LED illuminated bollard

Cast Steel

Cast Steel LED illuminated bollard

What We Offer

Bollard Covers 

Zuma’s bollard covers, available in both LED illuminated and non-illuminated, are a cost-effective solution to retrofit existing bollards and to upgrade our standard safety or security bollards.


Zuma’s bollard covers are intended to enhance the aesthetic of fixed bollards and reduce the replacement cost in areas with high vehicle and pedestrian traffic where the bollard is prone to scratches and dents.

Bollard covers can be manufactured in any size necessary. 

Common applications:

Conceal scratched or damaged bollards

Add lighting to non-illuminated bollards

Enhance the aesthetic of your property

LED Illuminated Covers

Cast steel LED illuminated bollard cover

Non-illuminated Covers

Cast steel bollard cover

Bollard Basics

Zuma Bollards offers educational material to help guide buyers to choose the right bollard, understand crash ratings, and more. 

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